Envious of people who are able to take great food photos? YOU CAN TOO!

We have compiled a list of tips here, this may not turn you into a professional overnight but practice makes perfect so don’t be afraid to keep experimenting!

  • Tip #1 – Good lighting
  • Lighting plays a major role in how your photos may turn out. Most ideal setting would be to shoot in natural light. If you’re shooting indoors, especially in a restaurant setting, try to request for a seat beside the window to allow some natural light in to illuminate your subject. Avoid using the flash on your phone’s camera as the harsh lighting will make your food look unflattering. If need to, get someone to assist by shining a flashlight on your subject instead.

  • Tip #2 – The ‘Fire’ shot
  • Dripping shots may be trendy, but ‘fire’ shots makes your friends WOW more! Check out our Flambé Escargots, Flambé Tenderloin Steak or Flambé Chicken Steak, Salmon & Prawn, these items are definitely Instagram worthy.
    (Image courtesy to our customers on Instagram)

  • Tip #3 – Shoot from more than 1 angle
  • Nice images come from a good angle. For a start, shoot from as many angles as possible. From side shots to 45 degree shots and to flat lays, try taking from many different angles as a slight difference in shooting angle can make an amazing difference.

  • Tip #4 – The Rule of Thirds
  • Smartphone cameras nowadays come with 3 x 3 grids. Enable this function via your phone’s setting to make full use of this grid to help compose your images. On your screen, you will see 9 squares. Place your subject on the lines or at the intersections of the line, slightly off the centre of your screen.

  • Tip #5 – Don’t zoom, get closer
  • We know how tempting it is to use the zoom function when your object is far. Avoid using your phone’s zoom function as it decreases the image quality. As much as possible, try to get near your subject and you can crop the image later to keep the image quality.

Keep in mind the above tips and with sufficient practices, you’re on your way to create your own masterpieces! Show us your masterpieces this month by posting your yummy images up on Facebook or Instagram and stand a chance to win $50 Dining Vouchers from us!

In 3 easy steps:

  1. Dine in at any Jack’s Place or Eatzi Gourmet Steakhouse & Bistro outlets
  2. Snap & Post photos of your yummy food on Facebook or Instagram with hashtag #jptheplaceforsteaks (Remember to set your profile to ‘public’ so your photos are visible to us)
  3. Check in to the outlet location that the photo/s were taken

Contest ends on 30 June at 11.59pm. Terms & Conditions apply, full details can be found HERE.