You may have gotten the best steak cut to whip up a luxurious meal, but are you making the common steak blunders? Here are 5 ways to ensure you don’t ruin your meat!

  1. Salt your meat just in time
  2. Sprinkle salt evenly on both sides of the meat a few minutes before cooking. Salting too early results in dry meat as salt draws out juices from the meat.

  3. Cook meat at room temperature
  4. Meat doesn’t like to be cold, always cook meat at room temperature to get the best flavor. To ensure a more consistent cooking experience, always remember to remove the meat from its packaging and leave it to sit in room temperature for at least 10 minutes before cooking.

  5. Be patient, wait for the pan to heat up
  6. Since you’re intending to feed your hungry tummy, why not do a good one? 101 tip to ensure juicy and properly seared meat – always make sure your pan is hot!
    Your pan should always sizzle when it touches the surface of the pan. Just a short wait for the best cooked meat, why not?

  7. Meat needs to rest too
  8. Don’t be too eager to dig in once cooked, giving your meat some rest time after cooking allows the juice to redistribute itself throughout the meat. Give it a 3-5 minutes rest time for a juicer and more succulent steak.

  9. Cut it the right way
  10. Slicing from the wrong direction leaves you with tough meat. One rule of the thumb – always cut meat against the grain!

    Remember these simple tips and you’re ready to enjoy your steak at its best! For 100% grass-fed, pasture raised beef, grab them at Jack’s Gourmet Store today!